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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Communications Director Resigns

from Bruce Matthews, Executive Director, North Country Trail Association

I know you'll all join me in thanking Mary Meehan for her contributions and wishing her future success as she departs NCTA. We've learned much through her tenure and made progress in some key areas. As we consider next steps we will continue to build upon a solid communications platform that meets our member expectations and advances our Association agenda.

Mary's departure leaves some major holes to fill and no doubt creates some questions about what's next. The rest of the staff are working on short-term solutions, most notably to try to keep the new website launch on track, but also to keep to production schedules for North Star and Blue Blazes Bulletin. Please do let me know any questions or concerns, particularly if you are left with a project hanging in mid air. We may not know that and need you to close the loop so we can respond.

We will be coordinating key folks in building a solid strategy for next steps. We'll be looking at NCTA's broad staffing needs, in communications as well as trail management/administration, advocacy (state and national) and development. We have an opportunity to reflect current needs and landscapes and will move decisively in filling this position in the next few months. We have an opportunity to take a page from our new President as we're encouraged to embrace the change that's needed.

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webbielady said...

At least even the departure, you all appreciated the good deeds that were shared during the seat of office...

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thank you, webbielady. Hopefully NCTA will find a replacement soon.