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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

22 New Miles of SHT Set for Fall Opening

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from the Ridgeline, Summer 2009, used with permission

The last large portion of road walk on the Superior Hiking Trail is between Two Harbors and the north edge of the city of Duluth. This totals about 40 miles. Last year a 6-mile section in the middle, unconnected to other trail, was opened. It is expected to be connected to the rest of the trail this fall.

Good progress is being made on the new 22-mile section of trail from Co. Rd. 301 to Rossini Road. The Superior Hiking Trail Association had hoped to open the trail to the public in July but with the spring ice storm damage that had to be cleared, they decided to delay the opening till September 1.

This way there will be time to get trailhead signs installed, and blazing completed. The new trail is divided into three sections of 10.5, 7.0 and 5.0 miles, with three campsites.

It has an amazing amount of mature maples forest that should really be a treat to hike through in the fall. It will also be a good section to snowshoe.

More information will be listed on the SHTA web site just before September 1.

Superior Hiking Trail Association

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