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Sunday, July 12, 2009

CNY Chapter Does Drainage Maintenance

volunteers doing trail work
Jill Borgstede and Mary Dineen begin work on a culvert inlet near Old County Road. Drainage here is compromised by improper runoff from the north section of the former Old County Road. (photo from the CNY newletter)
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from the July newsletter of the Central New York Chapter of the NCTA, used with permission

The former Lehigh Valley RR branch line that connected Canastota and Cazenovia was built about 1871— most of the line was dependent on a complex culvert system, one that had three levels of culverts in some locations, to maintain system integrity. The section between the former Old County Road and adjacent to the trailhead on Oxbow Road has many culverts—including a number that the Chapter installed in 2003. West of Nelson Road, there are major drainage issues where the railroad was at the bottom of two drainages. Leaves, earth slides, and other debris clog the surface drainage— hence, the periodic need to perform clearings. Work was done on June 25th— we will be doing some follow-up work shortly.

Volunteers removed leaves and other debris from a ditch that is part of a drainage to the north. Leaves and other debris were moved off the trail. As soon as we get some good drying weather, we will use a member owned, highpowered backpack blower to clear a good share of the leaves away from crucial areas. Culvert openings were cleared with shovels.

We shall return again— the work is never-ending.

See Central New York Chapter of the NCTA


Mountain Woman said...

You couldn't have said it better about the work being never ending. It's wonderful people turn out to help in such a good cause.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Mountain Woman- Trail volunteers really are very special people. Thanks for appreciating them!