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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Public TV Documentary to Include WI NCT Segment

Dan Small
Dan Small

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excerpts from Blog the Road, Hiking the North Country Trail, with permission

Another long but productive day in the North Woods. I’m shooting video footage for a Public TV documentary that will accompany the new Ken Burns documentary on the National Park System slated to air in September.

TV crew (Michael Garvin & Gail Grzybowski) and I joined Tom Gilbert, administrator of the North Country and Ice Age National Scenic Trails and a group of volunteers to hike selected segments of the North Country Trail in Douglas County, Wisconsin today.

This amazing segment of trail passes through a white cedar/black spruce bog that lies on the headwaters of the Brule and St. Croix rivers. [We] then hiked a half-mile up the historic Brule-St. Croix portage section of the trail. This leg skirts the bog to connect the two rivers along a route that local NC Trail Association chapter founder and former president Peter Nordgren told us was likely used by the first native inhabitants of the area at the end of the last Ice Age, some 10-12,000 years ago.

Hats off to ... all the volunteers who built and maintain the trail here and through all seven states through which it passes.

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Amazing segment of trail passes cool!!
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