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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Highbanks- NCT Michigan Hike

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Manistee River (photo by NCT hiker)

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an excerpt from NCT MI-05 19 mile Rd. to Highbanks Rollaways

The forecast was for rain this day. It was a Wednesday, which meant at least two things, it was my day off and I was hiking somewhere.

Today I would be hiking from 19 mile Rd. to Highbanks rollaways or Baxter Bridge Rd. Because of timing I chose the Highbanks. It ended up being between 8 and 9 miles and followed closely along the banks of the Manistee River. The hike starts off on a high bank and starts to descend to the river in the first ten minutes of the hike to the east.

On this hike was a large sandy bank high above the sharpest hairpin turn I have seen on the Manistee River. That sight alone is worth the hike in. It was cloudy this day and I can imagine what a sight it would be on a sunny winter day.

Wildlife today were many birds, a doe and her fawn up close. Two canoes passed by and zero hikers were met on the trail. It was a no passing zone all the way today.

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