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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is Nimblewill?

Nimblewill Nomad
Nimblewill Nomad
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personal communication and Nimblewill's Journal

Just this morning, Nimblewill Nomad contacted Bruce Matthews, NCTA Executive Director, with the following message, "I'm healthy and hiking strong. Am in Logan, Ohio today. I got behind on my journal entries, then my webmaster got loaded up with other chores. So, the excuses.

Thanks so much for your concern--will try to keep up better for the remainder of this trek.

God Bless, Eb

As of today, his most recent journal entry is June 29, after passing through St. Marys, Ohio. He noted some canal towpath sections that need maintenance badly, and then others that were a joy to walk. He also noted his 100th day on the North Country Trail.

We hiked together,
Hearts of pride.
Far o'er these ancient

from Nimblewill's poem "Through Trails"

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