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Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally! NCT Trail Guide - DIY Wiki Style

Wiki Trail Guide sample
from the North Country Trail Association

At long last... there is going to be a guide to the North Country Trail! And it will be built by the people who are out working on it and using it week after week.

Although several people have seriously considered doing a guide, the only effort that came close to covering the entire trail was make by Wes Boyd (editor of the North Star NCTA magazine at the time). He came really close to finishing, and finally made the entire work available for free. It is now seriously outdated, and has been taken off the web site.

But something even better has arrived! Using the same software as Wikipedia, the framework for a user-built guide has been added to the new NCTA web site. Anyone can log in and add or alter entries. To date there is only a small amount of information entered. But that will probably change rather quickly. The site was only publicly released today.

The guidelines are:
  • Respect authors' and publishers' rights and do not add any content from existing guidebooks, websites or other sources that may be copyrighted.
  • Please do not use it as a forum to push an agenda regarding allowed uses and activities on the NCT.
  • Be respectful, but by all means push the content (and other contributors) to high standards of accuracy and creativity.

If you work on a section of trail, start entering what you know. If you have recently hiked a section of trail, start entering what you know. Most important... start entering what you know! In no time, we'll have a constantly up-to-date trail guide!

See NCTA Wiki Trail Guide


samh said...

This is the PERFECT way to get trail info for a trail of this magnitude into one place.

Sharkbytes said...

I haven't been so excited about something that came from HQ in a LONG time!