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Sunday, April 19, 2009

General Resources for Hike Planning

by JHY

In a continuing effort to help those who are planning hikes on the NCT another page of information has been retrieved from the old NCT web site.

This page is simply a collection of links to some resources:
  • 15-day weather forecasts for cities along the trail
  • National Weather Service regional map with current weather conditions and hazards.
  • National Weather Service 3-Month Temperature Outlook
  • Precipitation Outlook from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction
  • Snow Cover from Weather Underground
  • National Weather Service 5-day flood advisories
  • National Weather Service fire information
  • USGS Water Watch
  • CDC Lyme Risk Map
  • ALDF Lyme Incidence Maps
  • CDC West Nile Reported Cases Map
  • UV Index Map

Go to the unofficial home page of the North Country Trail Long Distance Hikers and click on the link in the right column

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