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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

12th Conference on National Scenic & Historic Trails

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from the Partnership for the National Trail System

"Gearing Up for the Decade for the National Trails: Outreach, Protection and Capacity"

Join the Partnership for the National Trails System in the shadow of the Bitterroot Mountains to launch the “Decade for the National Trails.” Workshops will elaborate ways we will accomplish the three goals we’ve set for the National Trails Decade:
  • Expanding Outreach about the National Trails to all Americans;
  • Protecting the natural and cultural resources and completing the on-the-ground trails; and
  • Increasing the Capacity of public agencies and non-profit organizations to sustain the trails and their resources.

This conference will be a healthful confluence of current themes and issues. Outreach will include our communities, many of which are at a crossroads economically, socially, and energy-wise. Protection includes conservation of cherished values and preservation of fragile resources. Capacity has many aspects, especially constituency-building, vibrant volunteerism, and strong organizational competencies.

The conference is being hosted by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and assisted by the Nez Perce Trail Foundation, and the Continental Divide Trail Alliance.

A matrix of field trips and 90-minute workshops will be held that relate to these broad ideas. In each track, the workshops move from informational to action-oriented. Some divide at this step for NSTs and NHTs, for their implementation issues are somewhat different. For variety, some will include speakers, some panels, some brainstorming, and some facilitated discussions.

See the Partnership for the National Trail System

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