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Saturday, June 20, 2009

T-Man Does the Kek

Todd McMahon
Tman (photo by Todd McMahon)

submitted by Tman (Todd McMahon)

I started out from Ely, Minnesota on Friday May 22 and hiked all of the Kekekabic Trail, and parts of the Border Route and Superior Hiking Trail. Some of the spectacular scenery I experienced included Agamok Falls, Magnetic Rock, Bridal Falls, Stairway Falls, the Rose Cliffs, Cascade State Park and Lookout Mountain.

This was my first extended solo backpacking trip, so I made a few mistakes like underestimating how cold it would be. But overall it was a wonderful trip which I backpacked over 100 miles. The hike ended on June 2 in Lutsen.

War Club Lake
War Club Lake on the Kek (photo by Todd McMahon)

The reason I was out backpacking was that in March I was Laid Off of work for up to six months. I figured I'd take the opportunity to go on a backpacking trip I've always dreamed of.

I may go back and finish the part of the Border Route I missed. The reason I bugged out at Clearwater Lake was my ankle was feeling a little sprainy after I fell when crossing a downed tree. I didn't want to risk trying the Clearwater Lake to Hovland section which is about 45 miles with no way to get out. I know there is a small campground at the Arrowhead Trail on McFarland Lake, but there is no guarantee that anybody will be over there.

Redeemed myself by backpacking from Grand Marais to Lutsen on the Superior Hiking Trail. If I get in trouble there, all I have to do is hike east and I will hit Highway 61. But my ankle recovered and all went well.

NOW THE BIG NEWS, the Border Route is featured in the latest edition of Backpacker Magazine in the best places for solitude article.

That's all for now, Todd McMahon AKA Tman

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