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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Howard Beye Memorial Hike

hikers on the Bristol Branch of the FLT
hikers on the 2009 Howard Beye Hike (photo by Jacqui Wensich)

from Jacqui Wensich

The first Howard Beye Memorial Hike was held June 6, 2009 on the trail section that Howard and Dorothy maintained for over 22 years on the Bristol Hills Branch Trail. There was a good turnout, and the steep ascents were a challenge.

Dorothy Beye
Dorothy Beye (photo by Jacqui Wensich)

Dorothy Beye, Howard's widow commented, "Once Wally Wood (founder of the Finger Lakes Trail) got a hold of Howard it was on." She added, speaking of the many trail volunteers and hikers, "You enriched Howard's life as much as he enriched yours."

an Alley Cat work crew in 2004
2004 Alley Cat work crew. Howard is 2nd from the left
Although the Bristol Branch is not part of the North Country Trail, Howard was one of the NCT icons for as long as most of us can remember. He was a member of the NCTA board for many years, and served as volunteer trail coordinator for New York State. He led the Alley Cat work crews who improved trail and built shelters across the width of New York.

Here's to many more years of remembering Howard with a special hike!

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