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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother Goose Treated to Pizza in Frazee

Mother Goose Bonita Curtner
"Mother Goose"
based on a news article in the Frazee Forum, "Frazee mayor delivers pizza to 'Mother Goose' ", by Barbie Porter, used with permission

Bonita Curtner, "Mother Goose," was welcomed to the Vergas-Frazee section of Minnesota on the NCT at every opportunity. Spirit Lake allowed her to camp, and then she was treated to coffee and cookies in the morning.

At the Loon's Nest cafe in Vergas, she was treated to breakfast by Gail, whom she had just met.

The Vergas loon and the Frazee turkey, roadside art of significant proportions welcomed her as she passed by. When she reached Frazee, the mayor, Hank Ludtke, added an audible welcome.

"This royal treatment might go to my head," Mother Goose joked.

The mayor was not about to be outdone by Vergas hospitality or plastic animals. He drove Curtner to the outskirts of town for a night's stay at Morningside Motel, and then hustled away to retrieve one more gift.

"He delivered a pizza for me," she said. "The mayor of the town went out of his way to bring me to my motel, and then delivers a pizza! Then the people at the motel offer to do my laundry. Then I go out to breakfast and the restaurant buys it for me. I have never been treated this well on any other trail that I've walked."

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