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Monday, June 22, 2009

Lost & Found to Join Mother Goose

Nikii Murtaugh
Nikii Murtaugh (photo from her journal)
from Lost and Found

Life is an adventure on two feet.
Who is Lost and Found who hikes?

So goes the signature of Nikii Murtaugh, who introduced herself to us as "Lost and Found" just today. Nikii is a special education teacher from the state of Oregon, who like many had planned to retire next year, but may postpone that option.

She met Mother Goose (Bonita Curtner) in 2003 when she was hiking the Oregon section of the PCT and Lost and Found was riding her bicycle across Oregon. Nikii introduced Bonita to bicycling and Bonita introduced Nikii to hiking. They hiked the Colorado Trail in 2006 and Oregon section of the PCT last year. They had planned to do the Lewis & Clark Bike Ride in 2004, but family obligations prevented Lost and Found from participating; Mother Goose, however, rode the route. Lost and Found met her toward the end and rode with her at the beach.

Now, Lost and Found plans to leave June 27 for Ely. "Yikes", she says, "I haven't been training. She said these would be short days, but judging from the itinerary, not easy. So, will be hauling out the backpack and hitting the road - literally."

Welcome to the NCT, Nikii!

See Lost and Found's journal

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