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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doug Seaney's Baraga to McCormick Hike

young moose
young moose (photo by Doug Seaney)
contributed by Doug Seaney

May 20
Cliff and Lorana Jinkerson of Marquette took me to spot my car at McCormick Wilderness (west edge). Then on to drop me at FH 16 about 80 miles to the west. By the time eating talking and driving is done I hit the trail at about 1pm ... some big hills to the Sturgeon river.

Set up camp just west of Baraga / Houghton county line. Had about 7 ticks on me at different times during the day, but only 2 had attached. It was very hot to day about 85! Covered 13.5 miles today.

May 21
Up at 6am but still dark at 6:30 couldn't see the blazes so stayed in tent for a while, started out at 7:30. Very overcast today and lots cooler (55-60) than yesterday. Now comes the rain, just a light drizzle but very steady. After about 10 miles or so I came to Oren Krumm shelter, a very cool 3-sided shelter with screen on the 4th side. Nice to be inside, not any warmer but at least inside out of the rain. Cooked a hot lunch to take the chill off. Wrung the water out of my socks and poured it out of my boots!

Camped in a big field (Baraga Plains?). Stopped at about 5:30 covered 22 miles today. Sun came out in time to set, black files are getting active. Got very cold during the night, around 35 degrees.

May 22
Continued across Baraga Plains, most has been clear cut, but loggers left the trunks of the trees that had the blazes so not too hard to follow. Trail runs just south of plains road aka prison camp road. The road shows a big curve on the map, about where the curve is the trail ends. Tried to follow the survey tape for proposed trail but it is a major bushwhack.

Road walk on old US 41 - it must be very OLD 41 as it has turned back to gravel and dirt. It would be impassable for all but a high clearance 4x4. At one spot the beavers had a dam across the entire road. About 19.5 miles for the day, and the black files are now out in force.

May 23
Stopped at a remote campsite on Craig Lake for lunch. My alcohol stove wouldn't work in the high winds so cooked my lunch in the outhouse to get out of the wind. Heard a loon while I was eating my lunch. Craig lake is one of the most remote state parks I've ever seen, road to get in is 3 miles of rocky treacherous road and ruts, doubt a car could make it. Then once you are in the park you must hike to the campsites. I camped on the N edge of the park in an established campsite so had a fire in the fire ring tonight. Tried to smoke out the black flies but didn't work too well. 18.5 miles today.

May 24
All trail now no road walks yeah! Very remote area, trail leaves the park and crosses private land. Trail intersects with a 2 track and there is a rusted out shell of an old truck. Continued east to the N side of Lake Arfelin, then Peshekee River. Got to my car in the lot at the W edge of McCormick wilderness at 11am. Took my boots and socks off and dunked my head in the river!

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