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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frazee, MN Seeks $100K to Bring NCT Through Town

NCT and Heartland Trails
off road portions of both the NCT and the Heartland Trail do not currently continue through Frazee

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based on an article from the Frazee Forum

The Frazee, Minnesota, Economic Development Authority voted to pursue a Lessard Heritage Legacy Grant for up to $100,000. This is a 25-75 grant, meaning that Frazee would supply $25,000 of the funds to match with $75,000 from the Lessard Fund.

The money would be used to bring the North Country Trail and the Heartland Trail to a meeting point in Frazee. The Heartland Trail is a multi-use, paved trail, which currently ends in Park Rapids.

Mayor Hank Ludtke has been active in promoting both trails. "It will be important to have amenities available, plus easy access to Frazee," he stated, referring to the time when the trails will reach Frazee.

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