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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Pleasant Pennsylvania Hike

NCT sign ANF
(photo by Dave Schmude)

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submitted by Dave Schmude

Pennsylvania NCT miles include many pleasant forest walks. Dave Schmude enjoys hiking the trail in and near Cook Forest State Park, which is about 32 miles from his home. It's always good to find trail that is marked, and mileages noted. Dave says this is where the trail crosses Route 66 near Marienville.

Whenever Dave and his family get the chance, they check out the woods. This photo was taken in July.
NCT sign ANF
(photo by Dave Schmude)

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David said...

As you can see from the watermark date on the picture, this photo was actually taken in 2008. 2009 didn't provide much time for hiking between raindrops, but we still got some quality time in. Thanks, Joan, for posting my pictures !!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Dave- No problem! I love to show people using the trail. Thanks for sending them. And sorry it took me so long to get them posted.