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Friday, October 2, 2009

Young Passes 4000 Mile Mark

Joan Young
taken at the Milford Trail Junction Festival

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by JHY

Wednesday, Sept 30, yours truly passed the 4000 mile mark hiking the North Country Trail. I can hardly wrap my head around the idea that I have now hiked that many different miles of the trail. The momentous event occurred within a mile or so of Brown Bridge near Mt. Orab, Ohio.
Brown Bridge
Brown Bridge

I still have another 60 miles to go to finish Ohio, and I'll be headed back out tomorrow to work on those. Today I've enjoyed a restful day, out of the rain, at Steve and Sharon Boller's home in Milford. Those who attended the North Dakota Conference may remember meeting them, and they are part of the group working to develop the Trail Junction Park.

There really is something emotionally magical about that 4000-mile mark. Although I've been saying for months that I plan to finish the trail soon, I finally feel like it is really going to happen!

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Ginnymo said...

Wow! You sure are an energetic soul!! How great it must be to go out there on those trails and see nature up close like that.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi GinnyMo- I just am addicted to new experiences in the outdoors. Hope I can keep doing it forever at some level!