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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tom Salwasser Blogs about the Chip

Tom Salwasser
Tom Salwasser (photo from his blog profile)

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from Tom's blog

"Hiking and taking pictures. That about says it all. That's what I really enjoy doing. When I get to choose what I'm going to do on any given day it often involves one or the other or both. Taking pictures that I like is great fun but sharing my photography with others makes it real," writes Tom Salwasser of Minnesota.
trail marker
old style NCT trail marker (by Tom Salwasser)
This is what the very first North Country Trail markers looked like- the NCT name first came from the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota. It appears that Tom has found a new version of those originals.

In his blog, entitled "It's Later Than You Think," he shares many images from the forest, talks about maintenance, his hikes, and his love for the Chip. This is a section of trail that has needed someone to love it since the death of famed (to NCT folks) Rod MacRae several years ago. Salwasser has stepped up to the plate!
hiker in orange vest
Tom's wife, Jean (by Tom Salwasser)

"Fall is the best time of year to hike," Tom adds. "Temps are cooler, bugs are gone, colors are out...speaking of which...Here my lovely wife Jean models the latest in chic woods wear."

Check out Tom's blog for more on the Chippewa National Forest

See It's Later Than You Think

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