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Monday, October 26, 2009

Lynn Discovers the NCT

Clarion River
Clarion River (photo by Lynn Haraldson-Bering)

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with excerpts from the blog Lynn's Weigh, used with permission

"Am I, like, the last person in the northern midwest/east to know the North Country Trail existed?" Lynn asked herself after discovering the NCT near the Clarion River in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago. She has been on a weight-loss and fitness quest for the past five years.

Lynn, we are sad to say that many people do not know about the trail. But we are very happy that you found it! Following are some of Lynn's comments. Follow the link to read her full entry and see more pictures.

"When I was obese, I didn’t seek out activities that required exertion. I even avoided sporting goods stores and bought tennis shoes online just so I wouldn’t be reminded of all the things I couldn’t – but deep down wanted – to do. Within that mindset, I definitely wouldn’t have noticed a new sign along the road for a North Country Trail trailhead. Whenever I saw or heard the word “trail” I’d immediately recoil knowing my back, knees and lungs couldn’t handle a hike, even though I longed to see the forest from a place other than my car.

wooded trail
NCT (photo by Lynn Haraldson-Bering)
"But we were curious about the trail and where it would lead us, so we (literally) hoisted ourselves onto the trail and started our ascent. This is what it looked like along the way

"I’m all over this North Country Trail thing and ready for the next leg, hopefully before the snow falls. I’m even considering planning a long weekend next year around the trail and hiking it for hours at a time."

Read the full entry at Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes


sage said...

Years ago, I did a couple day canoe trip along the Clarion River--beautiful country!

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Sage, the Clarion River, particularly the northern section, is lovely, I completely agree.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

sage- I've never canoed it, but I bet it would be grand!

Lynn- I wonder if there might be a hike/canoe loop that would work well? Gravel Lick to ???