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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nimblewill Nomad Completes His NCT Thru-Hike!

Eb Eberhart
Nimblewill (from his journal)

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received in an email from Nimblewill, and from the hiker e-group

Nimblewill Nomad officially completed his thru-hike of the North Country National Scenic Trail today, at Two Harbors, Minnesota. Just after he hopped back on the trail with a mostly recovered knee injury, there was a huge blowdown of trees on the Superior Hiking Trail.

He called Gayle Coyer, Ex Dir of the SHTA. She reports, "He was really tired from climbing over all the trees but doing fine. He reported that the trees breaking at the Devil Track River were like shotgun blasts all around."

Matt Davis, Regional Trail Coordinator for MN & ND, North Country Trail Association, also heard from Nimblewill. "He said it [the wind storm] was like nothing he's ever experienced. He just prayed that a tree wouldn't fall on him and fortunately, one didn't. His NCT thru-hike will be done when he reaches Two Harbors, but he'll be finishing up the certified segments in North Dakota that he missed this spring because of the horrible conditions."

Nimblewill also said that he really appreciated knowing that others in the hiking community were thinking about him.

See Nimblewill's NCT Journal

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